statsmodels.graphics.regressionplots.abline_plot(intercept=None, slope=None, horiz=None, vert=None, model_results=None, ax=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plots a line given an intercept and slope.

intercept : float
The intercept of the line
slope : float
The slope of the line
horiz : float or array-like
Data for horizontal lines on the y-axis
vert : array-like
Data for verterical lines on the x-axis
model_results : statsmodels results instance
Any object that has a two-value params attribute. Assumed that it is (intercept, slope)
ax : axes, optional
Matplotlib axes instance
Options passed to matplotlib.pyplot.plt
Returns :

fig : Figure

The figure given by ax.figure or a new instance.


>>> import numpy as np
>>> import statsmodels.api as sm
>>> np.random.seed(12345)
>>> X = sm.add_constant(np.random.normal(0, 20, size=30))
>>> y = np.dot(X, [25, 3.5]) + np.random.normal(0, 30, size=30)
>>> mod = sm.OLS(y,X).fit()
>>> fig = abline_plot(model_results=mod)
>>> ax = fig.axes[0]
>>> ax.scatter(X[:,1], y)
>>> ax.margins(.1)
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> plt.show()

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