Current Versions

Stable Release (0.6.1)

Development Version (0.7.0)



Join the Google Group:

Grab the souce from Github. Report bugs to the Issue Tracker. Have a look at our Developer Page.

Developer Page

Here you will find basic information on getting involved in statsmodels development. There is more detailed information in the official statsmodels documentation.

Git Repositories

Statsmodels development has been moved to GitHub and uses the Git distributed version control system. You can download the source code from github:

git clone git://

Contributing to Statsmodels

The developer page in the official documentation has instructions on contributing to statsmodels as a developer. Here you’ll find some information about working with git as well as code and documentation style guidelines.

Where to Start

If you would like to contribute but have no idea where to start, see our Get Involved Page in the official documentation.

Bug Reports, Enchancements and Feature Requests

You can file bug reports or request enhancements to existing code or new features on the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Mailing List

We discuss development on the mailing list at google groups.


  • Python >= 2.5, including Python 3.x
  • NumPy (>=1.4)
  • SciPy (>=0.7)
  • Pandas >= 0.7.1
  • Cython >= 15.1, Optional but recommended when building from source.

Optional Dependencies

  • Matplotlib is needed for plotting functions and running many of the examples.
  • Nose is required to run the test suite.