Current Versions

Stable Release (0.6.1)

Development Version (0.7.0)



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Grab the souce from Github. Report bugs to the Issue Tracker. Have a look at our Developer Page.


Current Stable Release (0.6.1)

You can obtain source distributions and Windows binaries from PyPi. Alternatively, you can use setuptools to install statsmodels:

easy_install statsmodels

or upgrade with:

easy_install -U statsmodels

Zipped archives and tarballs of older releases are available from github.

Bleeding Edge (0.7.0-dev)

See the developer’s page for instructions on obtaining the most up to date version of statsmodels. We try to keep this code stable and ready for production use.

Installation from Source

Statsmodels can be installed from source the usual way with the command python install. Full instructions can be found in the official documentation.